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Buy Wetsuit Boots

Xcel boots range in thickness from 3mm to 5mm to 7mm. The thicker the boot, the warmer it will be; but the trade-off is that more material is harder to maneuver and will be less responsive. Your bare foot is always the most responsive, but in the winter that becomes a bit more difficult.

buy wetsuit boots

Some soles have traction underneath, and others do not. It depends on whether you would like the entire surface area of the boot to be touching the board, or if some traction padding underneath is more important to ensure less chance of slipping. Some boots also have added thickness on the sole, which can add in an extra layer of warmth, but also be more difficult to feel the board underneath.

Split toe boots provide a more responsive fit, allowing for the foot to have increased grip and responsiveness up front. The sacrifice here can be warmth since not all toes are together. However, since each side of the split has at least a couple toes together, there is always a neighbor keeping at least one other toe warm from the inside.

We have been designing wetsuit boots for decades, resulting in a full array of boots to choose from based on your riding style and budget. From our entry-level Axis series, to our all-around Infiniti, there is something for everyone. If you absolutely, positively want the best, then the Drylock series is for you. This is our premier line of boots and wetsuits and we go all-out to ensure you have the best warmth, comfort, and performance.

Keep your feet warm in cold water. We offer neoprene wetsuit gloves and wetsuit boots for a variety of conditions, from a cold front to freezing cold water. When it comes to the winter months, one of the first things to get cold is your feet and it really can ruin your enjoyment of your water sport. A good pair of wetsuit boots not only takes away the cold, but they are very comfortable to wear. Boots come in various thickness such as 3mm, 5mm, 7mm & 8mm so the thicker you go the warmer your feet will be, while the thinner boots are great for warmer waters. We stock a huge range from all the leading brands producing quality wetsuit boots. If you need any advice then please feel free to call us, as we are all keen surfers. For the winter, we also recommend choosing a winter wetsuit with a thickness of 5mm so that you can stay warm for longer.

Quality wetsuit boots have the ability to significantly improve your surfing experience, making them essential for lovers of the sport. Wetsuit boots don't just drastically improve your grip both in and out of the water, but they also allow you to surf better for longer by protecting you from the cold. This has made them incredibly popular among enthusiasts, leading to a number of advancements in the technology and subsequently making today's wetsuit boots better than ever.

In cold water, wearing dive boots can extend your dive time significantly. Diving boots are essential in cold water because they protect your extremities, which are sensitive heat loss zones. Cold water divers will enjoy the added layer of warmth, but the right pair of dive boots can also make it more comfortable for you to navigate warm waters.

All Vaikobi boots have an ultra-grip 2mm rubber sole to ensure the best contact between your feet and vessel. Its upper diamond grip also provides excellent connectivity to hiking straps for dinghy sailing.

These HUUB booties, or socks, come with a reinforced sole which should prevent slippage when jumping into any wild swim spots. The unique-looking split-toe design aims to prevent the foot from rolling and getting injured. Complete with adjustable Velcro straps to secure the socks to the feet and help prevent water ingress, these can be worn over or under a wetsuit.

Wetsuit boots are typically made of neoprene and rubber. They're designed to keep your feet warm whether you're planning to spend time in or on the water. Our North East winters can leave you exposed to the elements. But we think that adds to the thrill. Choose the right thickness of neoprene for the conditions and your discipline. The thicker the neoprene, the warmer your feet will be. Thinner neoprene will provide more flexibility. All of our wetsuit booties are comfortable, protective, and durable. You can even add an extra layer of warmth with some wetsuit socks.

Nineplus Wetsuit boots are made for surfing in serious conditions. With open split toe and flexible archpanels these boots allow maximum movement whilst remaining robust enough to handle any scuffs or reef cuts. The sizing of these boots does come up quite small.

The more rubber you can see on the booties, as in the harder rubber (i.e. not the soft neoprene), the better. It stops them from letting in water along the top.I bought my wife some nice wetsuit booties by Sola, which were well-designed and made in the UK. They keep her feet extremely warm, as well as easier to put on and take off because of things like loops, and other design affordances that really help.Spending the extra money on surf wetsuit booties can go a long way. It allows you to have a lot more fun, as well as keeping your feet from feeling like ice blocks, which is not very helpful in the surf can really mess up your surfing pop-up.Wetsuit booties are essential but if you get the wrong ones, they can also be a nightmare. So, hopefully with this guide, you can get it right first time and choose the perfect wetsuit booties for your surfing experience, and have a lot of fun out in the colder waters and waves.

I hate and always have hated wetsuit boots. I live in a place where the water temp means I can just about survive without them in the winter and I make that choice of having shorter sessions without the bloated foot klutz style I have with them on.

Greg started this journey four years ago when he had his last nightmare boot clown foot surf adventure. He decided enough was enough, went to a friend who was a local neoprene tailor with his design. Wham, Wetty was born and since then Greg as has been testing, slowly refining and perfecting the boot I have on my foot at this very moment. The operation has grown, pros have tested the boots, locals are addicted to it and he is now sending boots all over the world.

As luck would have it, I had a toe injury pretty much as soon I got the set of boots. With blood and infections I was not being able to go in the water while a course of antibiotics was consumed. It then was not me that had first dibs on these potential problem solvers. A travelling writer for Surf Bunker was passing through and touching base at HQ just at the moment the postie arrived with our little yellow box. Matt, who has similar sized feet to me, was to get his plates of meat into these first and take them for a spin. I said I would film the event and we took off for the beach.

Take two, and Matt had waxed the boots, spun out there and surfed just like he does with no boots on. His answer when I asked how they were was, oh yeah, I kind of forgot they were there. So far, so good.

On my last surf I did notice a little bit of water seeping in (I do know that there has to be a bit in there) but on heavier days I notice more in there. Not enough to effect my surfing but I wonder how this will change as the boots get older. I will keep you informed.

These boots (not really sure its fair to call them boots as they are something different) do exactly what they say on the tin. They work, you forget they are there while providing enough protection and warmth.

We all know that stink as possibly the worst smell second only to a wombats fart, one that drives our non-surfing partners mad. Well rest assured I have smelly plates of meat, and after 2 months of testing I can tell you the boots still smell fresh and clean.

Neoprene, which is the material wetsuits are made from, is designed to keep your feet warm. Similar to wetsuits, you can buy different thickness of neoprene for your boot, depending on how cold you think your feet will get.

The neoprene used for these shoes will be thicker than summer boots and have features such as thermal inner linings and liquid taped seams. This extra technology will cost more and you can expect to pay almost double for winter windsurfing boots.

Keeping yourself warm in sea water is very important, especially during winter months. Your extremities are the first places to feel the cold, which is why some surfers wear surf shoes whilst out on a board. These insulating surf boots will help keep your feet and toes a little more toasty as you surf.Surf shoes and boots can have different strap designs and ankle heights so take a look through the range for a pair that will be comfortable for your feet. Also, make sure any footwear, including surf socks, can fit with your existing wetsuit gear before buying. Wetsuit hoods are also available.

Venturing into an especially hazardous area? Try out our 6024 boots, which benefit from an extra tough rubber and heel toe wrap for additional protection. Both pairs feature a side zip closure, as well as a Velcro seal for added security. Whilst designed with the perfect dive in mind, these boots are also a great choice for surfing, stand up paddle boarding or bodyboarding, but as with the 6015 they must be worn with a full-length suit. As family wetsuit specialists, we carry women's wetsuits, men's wetsuits, and children's wetsuits.

Our 6025 diving/wetsuit boots are another great option for those of you look for a multi-purpose wetsuit boot. Like the 001s, these boots boast a super thick 5mm thickness, with the added benefit of a neoprene toe for flexibility. Whilst designed for surfing and diving, both of these boots are also suitable for beach wear, but must be worn with a full length wetsuit.

Our range of wetsuit boots features a selection of super comfy wetsuit socks, constructed from a Lycra/neoprene blend and available for both kids and adults. Providing sufficient protection from rubbing diving fins, these socks can be worn when swimming outside but are also great for indoor use. 041b061a72


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