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Sound Tribe Sector 9 [TOP]

Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) is an instrumental band whose sound is based heavily on instrumental rock and electronic music, funk, jazz, drum and bass, psychedelia, and hip hop, originating in Georgia, United States. Self-described as "post-rock dance music,"[3] the band mixes standard live rock instrumentation with electronics, favoring group rhythm over individual solos.[4]

Sound Tribe Sector 9


Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) is an instrumental band whose sound is based heavily on instrumental rock and electronic music, funk, jazz, drum and bass, psychedelia, and hip hop, originating in Georgia, United States.

Sound Tribe Sector 9 (or STS9) is a band unlike any other. Renowned internationally for its mind-blowing live show theatrics, the band is composed of five members who artistically place a premium on working together to achieve a cohesive sound. The band originated in the late '90s in Atlanta and is responsible for popularizing a new subgenre of psychedelic music that combines dub with breakbeat. Like many of its contemporaries, the band creates improvised jams that are well-received by audiences.

Remaining successful in the music industry for 20 years is quite the feat. Sound Tribe Sector Nine (STS9), which produces jam band fused with electronica music, has been able to accomplish this by innovating their sound and the way they release music.

Leaping between pitch-bending MIDI keyboards and their instruments, band captains David Murphy on bass and Hunter Brown on guitar explored their vast range of sounds, wandering through Brian Eno-like tinklings to Herbie Hancock-ish jazzfunky freeform to traditional anthem rock, all enveloped in rave-worthy jams and shoes-in-the-dryer danceclub bass. Murphy wielded a super long-necked bass to loosen the boulders anchoring Red Rocks with shatteringly vibratory open chords and led the way through most tunes. Sometimes he ambled, other times he raced full speed, but always, he thundered.

STS9 was founded in Georgia as Sound Tribe Sector 9 in the late 1990s. They became known for their dub-influenced psychedelic music that relied heavily on group improvisation. Their debut album, Interplanetary Escape Vehicle, was released in 1988. As the band evolved and with the addition of Jeffree Lerner on percussion, Hunter Brown on guitar, David Phipps on keyboards, Zach Velmer on drums, and David Murphy on bass, STS9 refined its fully original sound and became popular as a jam band in the early 2000s.

SunSquabi had a break out year in 2016, when they unveiled their debut EP entitled "Odyssey," which featured artists GRIZ and Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic. They continue to explore what a "Live-Electronic" band should be as they gain national attention for their original sound.

STS9 has been a sonic pioneer for two decades. Using electronic and acoustic means, the instrumental five-piece channels the primordial and celestial, producing a cutting-edge sound that has forged a path for multiple generations of electronic dance music. Seamlessly integrating their exploratory and improvisation-based music with a fully immersive light show, each performance is a transcendent celebration of humanity.

Comparable to The Disco Biscuits, Eat Static and Galactic, STS9 are renowned for their mesmerizing rhythms, although they have played under a different name; the band performed three times between 2001 and 2004 under the name Tzoklin, in order to experiment with a different sound, without bearing the audience expectation of hearing STS9 material. The band maintain a worldwide following and demand a particular respect for their musical and ethical commitments.

As always ... such a great show! Everyone was into it and it was great being part of the tribe. The new lights were awesome too. The sound upstairs was amazing. I was just a little bummed that they had an opener and started so late ...since it was a work night I had to cut out at 12:45 before the end.

Friday was a bit better than Saturday was, but both nights were pretty fire nontheless... Tribe is alive & doing very well... As a side note, I also kinda snuck in for the Saturday soundcheck, which was great... lol

Join Lou for a 45-minute adventure through techno, dub, hip-hop, electronica and other sounds guaranteed to get your booty twitching. Your host will spin all sorts of beat-related music under the Creative Commons license, with a special nod to tracks that come from the almighty Free Music Archive. 350c69d7ab


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