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Overtime Marathi Movie Download Dvdrip Torrent

Overtime marathi movie

Overtime is a Marathi movie that was released in 2014. It is a horror comedy that is a spin-off from the Thai anthology film 3 A.M. 3D. The movie is directed by Isara Nadee and stars Ananda Everingham, Patty Hokari, Ray MacDonald, and Akkarat Nimitchai. The movie follows the story of Badin, a security guard who works overtime at a haunted office building. He encounters various supernatural events and tries to survive the night with his co-workers and friends.

Overtime marathi movie download dvdrip torrent

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The movie was produced by Five Star Production Co. Ltd., a Thai company that is known for making horror films. The movie was released in Thailand on October 23, 2014 and grossed $652,445 worldwide. The movie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, who praised the comedy and the performance of Ananda Everingham, but criticized the plot and the horror elements.

If you are interested in watching Overtime, you can stream it online on ZEE5, a video streaming platform that features the best of Marathi entertainment. You can also watch other popular Marathi movies on ZEE5, such as Ved, a romantic drama that stars Prathamesh Parab and Ritika Shrotri.

Overtime is a movie that offers a blend of horror and comedy, with a touch of Thai culture. If you are looking for a fun and thrilling movie to watch, you might want to give Overtime a try.


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