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During a time in which we're constantly investigating companies like Google and Facebook on what they're doing with our data, should we not give porn sites and the companies that own them the same level of scrutiny? Because behind every porn site is a giant tech firm to whom millions of users give away intimate insights into their most personal fantasies.

To do that, I signed up as clients of their advertising platforms and tested how far you could go in customising ads based on how much personal information I could collect from their users. What I discovered is that porn sites are selling the makeup of our sexual desires and automatically collecting data that could potentially be used to track individual users over time.

Hammy Media doesn't have its own website. Even though MindGeek does, you'd struggle at first glance to realise the company has any relationship whatsoever with pornography. It actually seems like they're trying very hard to avoid using the word "porn" at all. Instead, MindGeek just reels off a bunch of numbers: 115 million hits, 15 terabytes of content per day, more than 1,000 employees across six locations from Luxembourg to Montréal.

Do you want the ad to be visible only at night? No problem, simply enter a time limit. You also have the option to select some more specific technical criteria, like targeting a specific operating system or people browsing in a particular language. What this all means is that you could create a hyper-specific ad that is only seen by people watching gay porn in Bristol who are browsing in Spanish between 6 and 7AM, looking for content with the keywords "threesome" and "outdoor". 041b061a72


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