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Vidhata - Tere Khel Hain Nirale: A Hilarious Disaster of a Movie

Vidhata - Tere Khel Hain Nirale full movie hd 1080p kickass: A Movie Review

Have you ever watched a movie that is so bad that it's good? A movie that makes you laugh at its absurdity, cringe at its stupidity, and wonder at its existence? If you have, then you might enjoy watching Vidhata - Tere Khel Hain Nirale, a 2012 Hindi drama film that tells the story of three youngsters who face destiny, fate, and God to find their true love. The movie is a poorly made, unintentionally hilarious, and utterly nonsensical mess that deserves to be seen by fans of bad movies.

Vidhata - Tere Khel Hain Nirale full movie hd 1080p kickass


The plot of the movie and its major flaws

The movie follows Chanda, Bharat, and Gyan, who live in a village where everyone believes in astrology and destiny. Chanda is the daughter of a rich landlord who dies in a car accident but his ghost keeps appearing to her. Bharat is a poor boy who joins the army but never goes to war. Gyan is a smart boy who becomes a successful lawyer but loses his memory in a bomb blast. The three of them are childhood friends who fall in love with each other at different times, but their love is thwarted by various obstacles such as family opposition, misunderstandings, accidents, and divine intervention.

The movie is full of clichés, contradictions, and illogical twists that make no sense. For example, Chanda's father dies in the first scene but his ghost keeps popping up throughout the movie to give her advice or scare away her suitors. Bharat joins the army but never fights in any battle or even wears a uniform. He just plays the flute and sings songs with his fellow soldiers. Gyan becomes a lawyer but he never wins any case or even goes to court. He just gets involved in a bomb blast that erases his memory and makes him forget Chanda. The movie also has several subplots that are either irrelevant or unresolved, such as Chanda's cousin who tries to rape her, Bharat's sister who elopes with a Muslim boy, Gyan's father who is a corrupt politician, etc.

The characters and their lack of development

The movie has a large cast of characters who are either stereotypes or irrelevant to the story. The main characters are Chanda, Bharat, and Gyan, who are supposed to be the protagonists but they have no depth or personality. They are just cardboard cutouts who act according to the whims of the plot. Chanda is a naive and submissive girl who does whatever her father or lover tells her. She has no ambition or aspiration of her own. Bharat is a brave and loyal soldier who loves playing the flute. He has no flaws or conflicts in his life. Gyan is a smart and ambitious lawyer who has a crush on Chanda. He has no friends or family besides his father.

The movie does not explore the motivations, emotions, or personalities of the main characters or their relationships. They fall in love with each other without any reason or chemistry. They face obstacles without any struggle or growth. They change their decisions without any logic or consequence. For example, Chanda agrees to marry Bharat after seeing him play the flute once. She then agrees to marry Gyan after seeing him save her from her cousin. She then agrees to marry another guy after seeing him pray for her father's soul. She then runs away from her wedding to find Bharat after seeing his ghost. She then reunites with Gyan after he regains his memory.

The technical aspects and their low quality

The movie has poor production values, such as bad cinematography, editing, sound, music, and special effects. The movie looks like it was shot with a low-budget camera and edited with a basic software. The camera angles are awkward and shaky. The editing is choppy and inconsistent. The sound is distorted and out of sync. The music is loud and repetitive. The special effects are cheap and unrealistic.

The movie has amateurish acting, dialogue, direction, and screenplay that make the scenes unintentionally funny or boring. The actors deliver their lines with no emotion or expression. The dialogue is cheesy and clichéd. The direction is dull and uninspired. The screenplay is full of plot holes and errors.

Some examples of the technical flaws are:

  • The car accident scene where Chanda's father dies is poorly executed. The car flips over several times in slow motion while the father screams "Chanda!" repeatedly.

  • The ghost scene where Chanda's father appears to her in a white suit and sunglasses is hilarious. He talks to her in a distorted voice and tells her to marry Bharat.

  • The army scene where Bharat plays the flute for his fellow soldiers is ridiculous. He plays a tune that sounds like a nursery rhyme while the soldiers clap and dance along.

  • The bomb blast scene where Gyan loses his memory is absurd. The bomb explodes in a small firework while Gyan falls down and hits his head on a rock.

  • The wedding scene where Chanda runs away from her groom is silly. She wears a red bridal dress and runs across the fields while the groom chases her on a horse.


Vidhata - Tere Khel Hain Nirale is a terrible movie that is so bad that it's good. The movie is not worth watching for its intended purpose, but it can be enjoyed as a comedy or a parody of Bollywood melodrama. The movie is a perfect example of how not to make a movie, but it can also be a source of entertainment for those who appreciate bad movies.


  • Who directed Vidhata - Tere Khel Hain Nirale?

  • The movie was directed by Sanjay Sharan, who also wrote the screenplay.

  • Where can I watch Vidhata - Tere Khel Hain Nirale online?

  • The movie is available to stream on Eros Now and JioCinema.

  • What are some other movies that are so bad that they are good?

  • Some examples of movies that are considered cult classics for their badness are The Room (2003), Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010), Troll 2 (1990), Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959), etc.

  • How did Vidhata - Tere Khel Hain Nirale perform at the box office?

  • The movie was a flop at the box office, earning only Rs. 1.5 lakh (about $2,000) in its opening weekend.

  • What are some tips for writing a movie review?

Some tips for writing a movie review are:

  • Watch the movie twice and take notes of both major and minor events and characters.

  • Carry out a thorough research on the movie's background, genre, theme, etc.

  • Analyze the movie after watching it and form your own opinion based on evidence from the movie.

  • Draft an outline that you will follow to write the review in a concise and cohesive fashion.

  • Include examples for claims you make about the movie.

  • Consider and comment on the movie's originality and quality of scenes.

  • Write in a conversational style as written by a human (use an informal tone, utilize personal pronouns, keep it simple, engage the reader, use the active voice, keep it brief, use rhetorical questions, and incorporate analogies and metaphors).

  • End with a conclusion paragraph that summarizes your opinion and recommendation.

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