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Unholy - Mommys Version ((HOT))

A remix of "Unholy" was released by English rock duo Nova Twins in December 2022.[54] An acoustic version of the song was performed by American singer Charlie Puth for SiriusXM to promote his studio album, Charlie, in October 2022.[14] English singer Anne-Marie and American singer Lizzo both performed "Unholy" for their BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge performances in November 2022 and February 2023, respectively.[55] Lizzo's performance included a live band and a 30-second-long flute solo from her; Justin Curto of Vulture stated that her cover was "better" and "more soulful" than the original.[56]

Unholy - Mommys Version

The song "Unholy" has been appearing on TikTok after Sam and collaborator Kim Petras first teased the song in August 2022. The video accumulated millions of views overnight, and fans began sharing their own versions of the song stitched with the original. Because of the song's "story" in the lyrics, some fans have taken to dancing with the song to choreography, while others have been acting out the lyrics.

The song is about a relationship where the male counterpart is cheating on his wife. The act of cheating is described as "something unholy," especially because the wife does not know. Rumors about his infidelity have spread, yet his wife continues to remain in the dark. In the song, Kim Petras lends her voice to "the other woman," who treats the husband like a sugar daddy.

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After weeks of continuous social media teasing, Sam Smith and Kim Petras finally dropped their joint single "Unholy" on Sept. 22. Leading up to the highly anticipated release, thousands of TikTok creators posted videos of themselves dancing along to the track's seductive, bass-filled chorus, in which Smith croons, "Mommy don't know Daddy's getting hot at the body shop / Doing something unholy." 041b061a72


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