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Dps Tracker Ffxiv [HOT]

While some jobs have tedious positionals, button bloating or redundant skills, the Machinist doesn't. It's a straightforward job that has a balanced gauge, abundant off-global cool-down skills and adequate burst damage. The sole issue with how the Machinist currently plays is that it doesn't do enough damage when compared to other DPS jobs. Players have been able to see these discrepancies with the help of third-party tools. Despite being against the game's terms of service, a significant number of players use a DPS tracker that counts every point of damage done against an enemy. The most refined trackers will even calculate the percent of damage done compared to other party members. With these third-party tools, players have clearly seen that on average, the Machinist has the lowest stats out of every DPS job.

Dps Tracker Ffxiv

For the majority of casual players, these small numbers don't mean anything. These percentage differences only matter in Savage raids or Ultimates. Final Fantasy XIV's high-end content has a unique mechanic called an "enrage timer." The timer itself varies between duties and is invisible to the player, but it usually goes off around the 11-minute mark. Duties that aren't cleared in time will result in an automatic failure. Data trackers have shown that even with the best gear, Machinists don't do as much damage as other DPS jobs, and fast damage is crucial to clearing high-end content. 041b061a72


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