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SA Ahad
Jul 31, 2022
In Fashion Forum
Can be standardized and gain international credibility There are enough participants to provide continuous liquidity At present, the world's major countries are actively participating in the discussion at the meeting, hoping to achieve the first condition of "standardization" of carbon. This is the case with the recently concluded COP26 meeting. But everyone must pay attention to the second premise, which is to create continuous liquidity. At present, according to the competent popular database authority, carbon rights in Taiwan will not be planned for financial commodities, so the carbon financial market you imagine will not happen immediately. It can only be said that we must wait for local exchanges to set rules that everyone agrees with. As long as they have enough international credibility, Players from all over the world, regardless of legal persons or retail investors, will enter the market one after another. 1 2 » Read the full text Don't want to paginate? Try our new service you may also like The biggest problem with carbon rights is the wrong name! The "rights" here do not mean rights or equi
Whether a thing can be financially commoditized depends content media
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SA Ahad

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